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March 21, 2011
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:Split Mind: by Asher-Bee :Split Mind: by Asher-Bee
uggh!! it's about time the update showed up!! :faint: i thought i was losing my mind. T.T

:iconsplitxmindxplush: is having her first fan art contest.... >.>OMG.... i finished it!!! I spent 18 hrs on this!! and that's not including the sketch T.T but i think it was worth it. :eager: the sketch was sooo tough :giggle: i kept changing my mind, and couldn't make a decision that I was happy with, but I'm really happy with this pose. ^^ i tried to do my homework on her, what she likes...what she might wear... ^^; soooo tough! she does a bit of modeling so I visited all of her listed sites...i went through her hubbie's page...even her photographer's page O_O just to kind of get a feel for Alice, and what she likes. I saw this one awesomely shiny baby blue sequin shirt that i just had to mimic. And I stared at all of her plushies over and over again.. :faint: i tried to pick out specific ones that really stood out to me, and i realllllly loved making the little beads and necklaces. ^^ i hope she likes it. even though i know it's mostly a popularity contest, i hope i'll still be in the running. :P

All of the plushies are specifically *SplitxMindxPlush's designs
and I did a little research in her etsy account, and found some of her favorite fabrics to use...[link] the entire piece is vector...the fabric swatches were live traced. ^^ I used her likeness for the girl:
the tattoo was difficult to get. T.T it's a live trace of two different pictures of her tattoo fused together in photoshop, then live traced.

"Made for :iconsplitxmindxplush: contest"
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First of all I would like to congratulate you on such a successful result. You are sure to win the contest! If you don't....well the judges are blind ;).

Initial POV(Point Of View):
When I first looked at this piece I was hit with such a wonderful collaboration of vivid colours, my eyes were darting left to right soaking up all the details. It appears to have been executed extremely well with a wonderful base concept. On that note I highly recommend checking it out in full view as well as the close-ups, links are provided within the artists comments.

POV upon further inspection:
As I looked closer I noticed the finer points of this piece, and unlike so many other times, I was actually enjoying it more so due to them. I noted the presence of subtle touches such as the underside of the feet on a few bears, each containing a intricate pattern, they are extremely well applied and look great!

The amazing work with colour on this really had me in awe from the very beginning. The artist has combined subtle dark colours with other, vibrant colours to pull of the amazing effect that can only be described as amazing. The artist has achieved what many can not, getting the perfect mixture of colour variety without it all looking disjointed, the whole piece comes together wonderfully and every bit holds it's own, it's so radiant! The most mind-blowing part is how the darks never seem too dark nor too light while all still having shape and form.

Next up is the work with DOF and perspective. There really are no other words to describe it, just wonderful and perfectly balanced. Much of this is due to the above colouring work and is another memento to the artists talent. The shape and form is simply delightful with great lines that fit in extremely well with each other yet stand out when appropriate. Perfect work with the BG and focal point, each piece has just the right amount of vibrancy - or lack there-of - to accomplsih such wonderful perspective. I am especially loving the BG, it is so subtle but really makes the piece go BAM! I love the little dudes that are there, they give off a sinister feel coinciding with the overall theme well.

The concept you have gone with here is simply amazing. I love how you have chosen to evoke the tagline 'Split Mind' with the bears and colour. The typography is just beautiful and works great with the rest, it is perfectly tailored to the tagline as well, especially how you have chosen to have the separate words in different styles, it once again emphasizes the concept exceptionally. Another part that is fits in perfectly is the eyes, they have such a cheeky look to them. Another thing that just brings the piece to a whole other level is the little sparkles spread throughout, you have used just the right amount so as to get a lot of sparkle without over-doing it which is something many struggle with.

Favourite parts(in no particular order):
This section is here simply because it would take too long to describe each and everyone of these in depth but basically, the mentioned are as perfect as is possible!

1. The typography for 'Split Mind'
2. The face an hair of your character
3. The thighs and calves
4. The shiny love hearts placed on the thigh
5. The pink bear behind the legs
6. The bandaging on the pink bear(bottom left)
7. The ear cavities and bottom of the feet of the black bear(bottom right)
8. The orange bear's(right of the blue) foot pattern
9. The background
10. The hand holding the needle

Details that may require attention(IMO):
This is constructive criticism so please do not feel offended. Everything I mention is what I believe to be within your skill-set, in this case it is already almost as perfect as is possible. The mentioned fixes are so tiny and insignificant that they are never noticed, however, I will still mention them for your sake.

First thing would be the tattoo on the arm, I feel bad having to bring up something you worked so hard on but well, this isn't a fluff piece. I believe it could be fixed by adjusting the contrast or lighting, currently it doesn't fit in with the rest, it is simply a touch too dark.

Second thing is the typography, it looks amazing, but on closer inspection I noted that it has simply been duplicated and moved upwards. This is most notable at the top of the t, there is a slight space between the pink and purple bits. Utilizing the pen tool to clean it up shouldn't be a problem or you can use another tool, I believe the blend tool...I am not quite certain of AI's tools and such so pardon me if I am wrong :).

Lastly would be the balls at the bottom, situated at the bottom right of the piece are two balls(pink and purple), they are placed essentially on the black bear. This is the only bit in the whole piece where I find the DOF/perspective a bit off. I really cannot think of how to fix it unfortunately. Also a small thing I would suggest is duplicating a circle, then apply a radial gradient to the piece from direct black(on the outer) to full transparent black(center), then adjust the transparency to your liking. This is just a small detail that could look cool :P.

That is all, literally, ALL I could find that was wrong...and they are hardly problems. I just cannot commend you enough on the awesomeness that is this masterpiece!

You have achieved something truly spectacular with this. It is so vibrant and vivid that it is just so dang hypnotizing! Wonderful concept and you have pulled it off spectacularly. This piece blew me away at first but after close inspection I have such admiration for the artist, to pull of such a piece requires such talent and vision. Just amazing!

My little note:
I just wanted to say, you are F***ING EPPPIIIICC. You are so talented and this piece is proof of that. I most definitely believe you to be THE queen of's official :giggle:. I wish you well for all your future endeavours whatever they may be and keep producing such AMAZING art :eager:. Cheers

Random side note:
You are my second critique and this one comes in at 1130 words :P. I hope you enjoyed the critique and were able to take something from it :).

Also, sorry if there are any mistake be it grammar or just complete bugger ups. I am a tad tired(5:27am :giggle:) to proof read it so lets hope all goes well.
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Naruto-Fan201 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
Awesome Job~! I love your work and you always to an excellent job in all of drawings you make. :glomp:
oops sorry girl :) I saw that boy BDT466 And .. then thought it was you!
yei man I like the toys ;D Great work indeed !
Asher-Bee Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much. :blush: i fully appreciate the kind support. :tighthug:
pirateneko Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought I left a comment when I faved this! But looking at it again, this is AMAZING! Your attention to detail is incredible, I love the fonts you used, all the textures, her sexy pose. Absolutely gorgeous! I wish my vector skills were even close to yours! <3
poeticbby Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
...... speechless
ComeForYou Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Man. I wish I could draw like you... The style is completely beautiful and the colouring is amazing.

You are extremely talented.
Asher-Bee Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
awww thank you :love: though i have a loooooot of off days! I'm still working to get better. :w00t: trust me, if you get into alot of contest here on dA it'll really really help you improve. I can say that out of experience. :eager:
ComeForYou Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Hahah, thanks for the advice, I might get into some contest but right now I'm lacking a little in the inspiration and motivation departments. ^^;
Asher-Bee Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
that's the beauty of contests! you lack a little motivation, there's a prize to push for...and inspiration...well that's the subject of the contest :P i know it sounds a little pushy...but that's how i got through alot of art blocks. i entered over twenty contests in one year. ^^ that was my biggest improved year...
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